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NAS Merton Group is a locally run National Autistic Society Parents Group. This group was set up in November 2015, and is run by local volunteers.


Merton Group is a support network for families and children with Autism/Asperger syndrome. It includes members who are themselves on the Autistic Spectrum. We welcome people from all cultural and language backgrounds. Our aim is to lobby for better education, health and leisure services locally, and interact with other groups and national campaigns to improve the lives of families living with Autism. We are an active community group seeking to raise awareness of Autism. We provide a parent-to-parent links to help people to find the resources that they need quickly. We host play parties for children, and regular coffee mornings for the parents/careers and adults with Autism in Merton. We are looking to expand our group, and plan to do more activities where children, adults and families can get involved.


Please join us - the more members we have, the stronger we are! To join, please go to our membership page.


We are particularly keen to hear from you about the following:


•How best can NAS Merton support you?

•Could you volunteer any time to help? From setting up a coffee morning to providing support over the phone

•Do you have any great fundraising ideas?

•Can you recommend services in Merton for people with Autism, or parents and carers of people with Autism?

•If you are an organisation and would like to support us


We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at our next event.


Group Leader - Miranda Duffy

Group Treasurer - Michele Sahrle


Parent Volunteer  - Allyson Sleight

Parent Volunteer  - Lindsey Epps

Parent Volunteer  - Beatriz Garcia

Parent Volunteer – Claudia Nagorni




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25/04/19 Change of venue for the coffee morning, it is to be held at Wimbledon Library room 2






Thank you to


Jana and Anthony for running 10k in October 2018 - amount rasied £480.


Craig for Swimming 4KM in September 2017 - amount rases £1681.69


Our 2019 Fundrasing will be Lindsey and Paul who will be taking on the yorkshire 3 peak challenge walking over 24 miles.

Please click on the below link if you wish to donate


NAS Merton 3 peak Challenge



Autism Champion update


Please email your nominations to [email protected] with the below details


Subject heading  - Autism Champion


Name of person you wish to nominate with correct spelling, their job title, address of their work locaton and details of why you wish to nominate them




NAS Merton now has an EasyFundrasing account this mean that whenever you shop you can now earn money for NAS Merton


please click on the belwo link to sign up