Sensory Processing workshop and Sensory Library




NAS Merton Sensory Library


We are delighted to offer the opportunity to borrow equipment from our sensory library to try at home. the type of equipment that can be borrowed from us is



* A Calming bag contains several small sensory items

* A Seeking Bag contains several small sensory items

* Some Larger OT


All this equipment can be borrowed with a small variable deposit on a

2-4-week loan period




To view our sensory Library date and time please click her to

 view NAS Merton Events


Please contact Claudia with any question via email to

[email protected]




Sensory equipment Videos


OT Sheena Rufus and NAS Merton has recorded some video which demonstrates the equipment being used, you will be given a Username and Password when you borrow a piece of equipment. Please following the below instructions to log in


1) Click the Log in button then enter the username and password


2) Once logged in go to the Events and Meeting tap you should see a drop-down menu select the Sensory Library option


3) You will now see links to all our videos






general pic of sensory edquipment