We have recently become aware of a concerning proposal in South West London that could see diagnostic services for children with suspected autism restricted to only those who also have mental health problems. We believe that this would be a mistake and would mean that health services in the area would not meet their duties to autistic children in South West London.


This is just a proposal at the moment, but the Chief Executive of the National Autistic Society, Mark Lever, has written to the CCGs to express his concern and ask them to make sure that all autistic children in the area will be able to access a diagnosis. Ultimately, this is a decision that the CCGs will have to make.


You can also help by writing to the CCGs – a template letter is available above. It helps if you personalise it. Letters which describe someone’s own situation are much more powerful than if the CCG receives lots of copies of the same letter.

Letter for parents re SW London diagnostic service Addresses for SWLCC

***Please click on below buttons for the template letter from NAS***